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CANBAYLAR PEN company established in 2001.

After working with our first production brand SEBILPEN for 1 year, we worked with our second production brand TECNOPLAS for 9 years, we became one of the 2 biggest companies in BURSA while we worked with the third brand FIRATPEN for 10 years.

Finally, in 2021 proved itself with its quality worldwide and especially in the Turkish market we started to work with the dealership of the named PIMAPEN PIMAS group .

Despite being a PIMAPEN manufacturer dealer in June 2021, we reached the top 20 in TURKEY in a short time of 6 months.

We got this success from our professional service understanding to put customer satisfaction first. We always keep customer satisfaction in the forefront with our products and services that we offer without compromising high quality standards at every stage from production to assembly.

With our professional staff and expert assembly teams from sales to production, from production to assembly, from assembly to quality control; We always work with this quality service understanding.

With our planned work and continuous technological investments aimed at increasing the service quality in the sector, with our modern CNC production facility of 1,200 M² and our extensive showroom network, today with the delivery of more than 20,000 houses across the country and our service reaching more than 4.000 customers in a period of 20 years, we are proud to be one of the first 10 PIMAPEN manufacturer’s.

In addition to PVC door and window systems, we also serve our customers with the production of THERMAL INSULATED DOUBLE GLASS and aluminum door and window systems, folding and sliding glass systems, handrails, glass handrails and mosquito nets.

In addition, as STAR-FORMET steel door BURSA main dealer and BRANGO KAYSERİ steel door BURSA main dealer, we install and deliver steel doors to approximately 2,500 house per year.

We are working to continuously improve our understanding of quality and service by consulting the opinions of our valued customers, with a 2-year manufacturing and assembly guarantee and also a work delivery report, in the productions supervised by our quality control expert team.

We have always aimed to work for customer satisfaction with our high quality understanding and manufacturer dealer price advantages.

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